Regulatory Guides

S.No Guide No. Title Date of Issuance
PNRA-RG-904.01 (Rev. 0) Quality Assurance in Nuclear Medicine October, 2009
PNRA-RG-904.02 (Rev. 0) Guidance for the Users of Iodine-131 in Nuclear Medicine Centers January, 2013
PNRA-RG-904.03 (Rev. 0) Radiation Safety in Industrial Radiography October, 2017
PNRA-RG-904.05 (Rev. 0) Protection of Patients in Diagnostic Radiology December, 2017
PNRA-RG-904.06 (Rev.0) Format and Content of Radiation Protection Program June, 2019
PNRA-RG-904.07 Rev(0) Radiation Protection and Safety in Radiotherapy October, 2019
PNRA-RG-908.02 Regulatory Guide on Format and Content of the Safety Analysis Report for Radiation Facilities October, 2022
PNRA-RG-909.02 (Rev.0) Format and Content of Physical Protection Program of Nuclear Installation(s) March, 2018
PNRA-RG-909.03 (Rev.0) Format and Content of Environmental Monitoring Program for Nuclear Installations April, 2019
PNRA-RG-909.04 (Rev.0) Format and Content of PSI ISI Program for NPPs (PNRA-RG-909.04) October, 2022
PNRA-RG-911.01 (Rev.0) Probabilistic Safety Assessment of Nuclear Power Plant-Level 1 August, 2010
PNRA-RG-913.02 (Rev.1) Format and Content of Application for Modification of Design and Safety Analysis Report in Nuclear Installations April, 2019
PNRA-RG-913.03 (Rev. 0) Format and Contents of Application for Modifications in Technical Specifications and Operating Policies and Principles of NPP July, 2011
PNRA-RG-914.01 (Rev. 0) Dosage and Distribution of Potassium Iodide Tablets (a Thyroid Blocking Agent) In Radiation Emergencies September, 2008
PNRA-RG-914.02 (Rev.0) Preparation of Radiation Emergency Plan for Radiation Facilities and Activities September, 2016
PNRA-RG-914.03 (Rev.0) Management of Contaminated and Overexposed Individuals During a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency May, 2021
PNRA-RG-915.01 (Rev.0) Format and Content of Radioactive Waste Management Program for Nuclear Medical Centres January, 2019
PNRA-RG-915.02 (Rev.0) Format and Content of Radioactive Waste Management Program for Nuclear Installations April, 2019
PNRA-RG-916.01 (Rev.0) Transportation of Radioactive Material by Road in Pakistan April, 2007
PNRA-RG-926.01 (Rev.0) Format and content of physical protection plan for radiation facilities having radioactive sources February, 2021
PAK/9801 Registration/Licensing and Issuance of NOC to the Exporter(s) of Radiopharmaceuticals August, 2005