PNRA Issued Construction License to PARR-3

Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA) awarded Construction License (CL) to PAEC for the construction of Pakistan Research Reactor Unit-3 (PARR-3) having 10MWth capacity on May 05, 2021 after completion of the licensing process which included review of submissions made by PAEC and satisfactory resolution of all regulatory issues.

The design of PARR-3 including the aspects of quality assurance particularly licensee oversight on contractors and subcontractors involved in PARR-3 project have been evaluated in the light of PNRA regulations. It has been verified that all applicable regulatory requirements are met by the licensee before making the decision for issuance of construction license to PARR-3.

Strict regulatory oversight during construction of PARR-3 activities will be implemented to assure that licensed activities are performed as per regulatory requirements. This will help PNRA in achieving ultimate goal of protecting the radiation workers, general public and the environment from harmful effect of ionizing radiation.