Workshop on "Certification and Revalidation of Spent Nuclear Fuel Casks"

A workshop on "Certification and Revalidation of Spent Nuclear Fuel Casks during Design/Beyond Design Life" was organized held from 06-10 May, 2024 at PNRA Headquarters, Islamabad. The basic purpose of the workshop was capacity building of all relevant stakeholders in the areas of regulatory framework, design and manufacturing of the casks, qualification and ageing management. The said workshop was inaugurated by Director (WSD), Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority.

The workshop was organized by PNRA, in collaboration with IAEA and participants having a diverse range of experience from designers, manufacturers, operators, and regulators attended. International experts from Russian Federation, Slovak Republic and IAEA technical officer shared their experience and country practices. Representatives from PNRA and PAEC also shared their practices. The workshop remained beneficial for enhancing the capabilities of participants in the areas of authorization, regulatory review of application for revalidation, ageing management, inspection and surveillance etc., of Spent Nuclear Fuel Casks during the life cycle.