IAEA-PNRA Workshop on “Containment Event Trees and Severe Accident Scenarios in Level-II PSA” PNRA HQs, Islamabad from October 15 – 18, 2018

PNRA in collaboration with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is organizing a workshop on "Containment Event Trees and Severe Accident Scenarios in Level-II PSA", from 15th – 18th October, 2018 at PNRA HQs, Islamabad under the IAEA TC Project PAK/2007 titled "Strengthening and Enhancing Capabilities of Pakistan's Institutions to Support a Safe, Reliable and Sustainable Nuclear Power Program".
Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) is an important analytical tool for ensuring the safety of a nuclear power plant in relation to potential initiating events that can be caused by random component failure and human error, as well as internal and external hazards. A Level-II PSA identifies the ways in which radioactive releases from the plant can occur following core damage and estimates their magnitudes and frequency. This analysis provides additional insights into the relative importance of the accident prevention and mitigation measures such as the reactor containment. This workshop is expected to enhance the capabilities of the participants in this important area.
The workshop was inaugurated by Mr. Faizan Mansoor, Member (Executive), PNRA. Three experts from IAEA will be sharing their experience with the participants, during the workshop. A total of seventeen (17) participants from PNRA and PAEC are attending the workshop.