Diplomats from Middle Eastern Countries visit PNRA

Diplomats from six Middle Eastern visited the Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA) Head Quarters at Islamabad on Wednesday 18th May, 2022 as part of the Science Diplomacy initiative of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).

Mr. Faizan Mansoor (SI), Chairman PNRA, welcomed the honorable dignitaries from Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Yemen. They were apprised about the role of PNRA in assuring the safety and security of nuclear and radioactive material within the civil domain in Pakistan. It was mentioned that Pakistan has established a comprehensive legislative and regulatory framework to manage nuclear safety and radiological protection in the country which is at par with the International Safety Standards.

The dignitaries visited different laboratories and facilities of PNRA including National Radiation Emergency Coordination Centre (NRECC) which is the National Point of Contact for Nuclear or Radiological Emergencies both domestic and abroad. The diplomats were briefed about the infrastructure established at PNRA for ensuring emergency preparedness and response arrangements at nuclear and radiation facilities within the country and coordination at national and international level.

The dignitaries also visited the National Institute for Safety and Security (NISAS) which is PNRA's In-house Training Centre. The distinguished guests appreciated the technical competence of the regulatory workforce as well as the technical facilities available at PNRA.

Chairman PNRA stated that PNRA is committed to uphold the global nuclear safety regime. He also mentioned that PNRA is assisting several embarking countries in capacity building of their regulatory bodies.