Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority Granted Licenses to PAEC

Islamabad, Pakistan - February 19, 2024 –

Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA) has awarded an Operating License to Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) for the first Sealed Radioactive Source Manufacturing Facility (SMF) in Pakistan. A Construction License was also awarded to PAEC for the Molybdenum Production Facility (MPF) being constructed along with third research reactor (PARR-3) at PINSTECH, Nilore, Islamabad.

The licensing process for SMF began in November 2022. Sealed radioactive sources used in the medical, industry and research applications will be manufactured in the SMF.

The licensing process of MPF commenced in September 2021. The facility produces Molybdenum, which decays naturally into Technetium to be used for diagnostic purposes in treatment of cancer and other diseases.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Chairman PNRA, Faizan Mansoor commented that “PNRA as a regulatory authority, is actively supporting Pakistan’s ambition for indigenization of nuclear and radiation technology by developing and enhancing its regulatory infrastructure to ensure compliance with the requirements of national as well as international safety and security standards”. He elaborated that this achievement will not only bring self-sufficiency but also position the country as an international supplier in the long run.