DDG (TC) IAEA Visit to PNRA (October 12, 2023)

The Deputy Director General, Department of Technical Cooperation (TC) of IAEA Mr. Liu Hua, visited PNRA accompanied by the Project Management Officer (PMO) of Asia and Pacific section Ms. Lin Yang on October 12, 2023. The distinguished guests were formally welcomed to PNRA HQs by Member (Executive), Mr. Muhammad Rahman in a meeting attended by officials from senior management of PNRA and PAEC. During the meeting, a briefing was arranged for the IAEA officials on overview of PNRA activities presented by Mr. Naveed Maqbul, Member (Corporate), PNRA. The presentation encompassed PNRA’s mandate, regulatory activities, capacity building infrastructure and international cooperation. DDG IAEA admired PNRA’s support to IAEA activities and also assured PNRA of support from the IAEA for capacity building of its staff in emerging areas of regulatory interest especially through TC program. The DDG also paid a visit to the PNRA National Radiological Emergency Coordination Centre (NRECC) and National Institute of Safety and Security (NISAS), an IAEA collaborating centre (CC) on nuclear security. The DDG praised facilities developed by PNRA for training of its manpower and for an effective coordination during a nuclear or radiological emergency. PNRA management expressed their commitment to support IAEA in implementing its mandate and contribute in the IAEA activities for promotion of nuclear safety and security worldwide.